The Competitive Advantages


  • GMT Head Offive Supporting Team consists of qualified professionals who are ready to assist training
  • GMT Institute conducts advance training program on skills and knowledge which required in the Property Package Program such as Finance, Human Resources System and Energy Savings Program
  • GMT is an energy saving-conscious company and highly commited to carry out periodic monitoring in order to ensure frugal water and electricity consumption inspection program
  • GMT Head Office Supporting Team has a scheduled inspection visitation program to properties under GMT management’s services.

This covers consultation services on managing the properties, including legal aspect for occupants, financial institutions, property owners, developers, and other organizations engaged in the property business.

The Scope of our work comprises of:

Consultation services in Accounting / Finance, Engineering (M/E & Civil), Housekeeping / Landscaping / Sanitation & Pest Control, Security / Safety / Parking, Tenant Relations / Community, Reporting. Consultation in Lease Management, Preparing and Applying PPJB, Other business / commercial aspects (promotions, organizing events, etc)