Company Overview

PT. Grahamandiri Manajemen Terpadu (GMT) Property Management is a private company that offers services in property management. Intended to be “The Property Service Gateway “, the founders have the vision to make GMT the best service provider company. This is possible through the collective experience and integrity of the team unmatched by others. Since founded on June 2, 2003, GMT has shown an impressive growth. It is distinguished from other property management service companies, because:

  1. GMT not only manages but also sets up the various systems required for building management.
  2. GMT gives trainings through GMT Institute, a learning institution as an affiliation to support GMT. 
  3. GMT has a broad base of employees who are practicing professionals of various expertises.

To become the most reliable professional property management company, priority in providing quality of service to the full satisfaction of owners and tenantsTo become a professional management company equipped with business system, integrated and effective information system.

To provide an integrated system on property management supported by an effective software, well-trained human resources and innovative technologyTo give priority to develop the best systems of services for its customers, through value-added programs, continuous supervision by its head office as well as conducting regular training programs for its managers and functional staff in the field of property management.